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Jewellery designed on request

I probably discovered years ago that it's not always easy to find what you want jewellery wise. I would often go shopping and only know what I want when I see it - that's if I see it! Really frustrating when I have the perfect item of clothing - but no jewellery to match, co-ordinate or compliment it....and if I found the necklace I'd never be able to find the earrings to go with it. My Mum-in-Law asked me to make a couple of necklaces to co-ordinate with bracelets she was given from New York. They were a hit!  Ok, I did make jewellery for myself to match clothes but it hadn't really dawned on me that making jewellery to match for others might just be a great idea! 

Everone has their own preferences for colours and know what they want colourwise but often cant find exactly what they want. That's where I can help you!  I am really happy to make necklaces and earrings to co-ordinate with your chosen items of clothing.  I can glam it up or tone it down, overstate or be modest, crystals or pearls - indeed crystals and pearls, chunky, delicate, long or short - you give me the colours and measurements and leave me to do the rest.   Please have a look at some of the photos for some examples. Also pretty much anything I make can be adapted for you - most pieces therefore maintain their individuality having been made just for you.

Prices?  Well, I am happy to work with you, and the necklaces and earrings will cost the same as others I make. My prices are dependent on the materials and time taken. I recently made some necklaces and earring sets for three bridesmaids - at a cost of $200 in the bride chose colours to match the dresses - the earrings were sterling silver with my own hand made hooks. There is no premium if it's for a wedding!

At this point in time if you book to come and see me for half an hour  - and maybe a cup of tea or coffee - there will be no extra charge if you then place an order for jewellery worth $100 or more.  You just need to bring yourself and any items of clothing you want jewellery to go with! I live out in the Northern Suburbs of Wellington five minutes off the motorway.

The following are made with glass beads with  sterling silver foil inlay, gaceted glass beads or pearls,, silver plated chain and  clasp.

Priced realistically at $40